Hair Like Hers

How Growth Factors Are Preventing Hair loss w/ founder of @kerafactor

December 20, 2021 Shab Reslan Episode 18
Hair Like Hers
How Growth Factors Are Preventing Hair loss w/ founder of @kerafactor
Show Notes

We are talking all about growth factors, what they mean, what they do and how they help you grow better hair. I was fascinated by the different type of growth factors and how to spot the most effective ones since they can be very expensive ingredients. How they can help any and everyone with their hair goals. Pre-post hair transplant surgery, temporary thinning, chronic hair loss. boosting and amping up your hair. We also touch on what the future of hair growth products look like and what we can expect from the industry. My guest James Bartholomeusz is a physicist and chemist who has worked in the medical aesthetic industry for the last 20 years. He has overseen the creation and development of industry leading energy based devices. He has also consulted for some of the largest aesthetic device manufactures including Cutera and Lutronic. In 2013, due to his own issues with scalp health leading to hair loss, James started working on a specific scalp stimulating formula using unique biomimetic growth factors for hair and scalp health. He now serves as the CEO of skinQRI- the brand responsible for the development of @Kerafactor hair growth products. 
Good hair days ahead for sure. This got me very excited. 
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