Hair Like Hers

Big Vs. Indie Hair Brands with Founders of The Inkey List

November 22, 2021 Shab Reslan Episode 17
Hair Like Hers
Big Vs. Indie Hair Brands with Founders of The Inkey List
Show Notes

There are so many products out there and the price range can be insanely vast. In this episode I wanted to explore the world of product development with you guys in order to gain clarity on why we are subjected to many different prices, what are we actually paying for and how does a brand that sells everything for under 15 really do it? Join me and the founders of blowout Indie skin and hair brand The Inkey List. The reason I wanted to have these two on the show is for us to get a better understanding of how a brand can keep their prices so low, what actually goes into that process including product development and manufacturing standards we should all be aware of as consumers. We also chat about the best ingredients that really make a difference for scalp health, and we finish with their idea of what the future holds for haircare. Become a well equipped consumer with this episode!

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