Hair Like Hers

5 Hair Rules I've Learned as a Trichologist

September 13, 2021 Shab Reslan Episode 14
Hair Like Hers
5 Hair Rules I've Learned as a Trichologist
Show Notes

This episode focuses on the 5 key hair rules that can make or break your hair. They are the top hair hacks that I now swear by because I've been able to apply them and test them out ever since I became a trichologist. The 5 rules are: 1. Pay attention to your Scalp 2. Pay attention to baby hairs 3. Never blowdry your hair wet 4. Everyone should be using a scalp topical 5. Ultimate hair requires a holistic approach. Listen in to find out what these rules really mean, why you should be aware of them and how to apply them. I also share a favorite new hair tool I have been loving because it's making hair styling easier and less damaging. This episode is ideal for everyone including hairstylists. It offers a great perspective on what really matters when it comes to hair health. Things both hairstylists and you the consumer should be mindful of.
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