Hair Like Hers

A Healthy Gut for Your Body and Mind- With Dr. Heather Finley

August 02, 2021 Shab Reslan Episode 13
Hair Like Hers
A Healthy Gut for Your Body and Mind- With Dr. Heather Finley
Show Notes

In more resent studies about healthy hair growth, there has been a huge shift from focusing on decreasing stress to protecting the gut. In my field, the focus has been on ensuring proper nutrition and supplementation but without a healthy and strong gut microbiome, none of that effort matters. Hair requires specific nutrients in order to grow strong, smooth, thick and shiny. Your follicles also require the right nutritional support in order to continue growing great quality hair. My guest Dr. Heather Finley answers the most important questions about how to optimize your gut. We chat about the gut-brain axis, a healthy diet that helps with bloating, constipation and nutrient absorption, stomach acid and of course her number one life altering tip that she will never go back on. Dr. Finley is a registered dietician, gut health specialist and sought-after speaker on the topics of constipation, bloating, gut health, integrative nutrition, functional medicine and nutrition. Dr. Heather has a doctorate in clinical nutrition, and managed to turn her own digestive health issues from her life’s biggest challenges into her life’s work and passion.  Follow her @drheatherfinley. 

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