Hair Like Hers

How Auto-Immune Disorders Affect Your Health and Hair- with Dr. Donna Mazzola

July 05, 2021 Shab Reslan Episode 12
Hair Like Hers
How Auto-Immune Disorders Affect Your Health and Hair- with Dr. Donna Mazzola
Show Notes

Auto-immune disorders are growing by 19% each year and take 8-10 years to be properly  diagnosable. That is why I sought out the expert Dr. Donna Mazzola who is a Pharmacist with a Master’s degree in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition and a Master’s in Business Administration.  After obtaining a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Donna realized that medicine has a place in healing, but it's the balance between nutrition and medicine that impacts disease. Following a diagnosis with Hashimoto's in 2015, she realized it was difficult to find reputable scientific information to support her healing journey. As a result, she created the blog to become that source.  Drautoimmunegirl is a blog with a mission to identify the root cause of disease and empower you to take control of your health!

This conversation is all about immunity, auto immune disorders, and disorders that negatively affect your hair. We cover important topics such as: How you can protect your immune system. What is really happening in your body so you can better understand the path to health. Hashimoto's and the effects on hair. Signs of thyroid imbalances from your hair. How to advocate for yourself when seeking professional advice either with a doctor or holistic practitioner and how you don't need to strictly rely on medications. 

We finish with the most positive life altering change Donna has made that she will never cease to do. It’s a new age in health and wellness and I absolutely love learning about how to better take care of oneself. Listen in- I know you’ll take away so much like I did.

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