Hair Like Hers

Negative Hair and Health Impacts from your Shower Head

May 30, 2022 Shab Reslan Episode 22
Hair Like Hers
Negative Hair and Health Impacts from your Shower Head
Show Notes

This show is all about the effects water quality has on our hair and on health. Have you noticed either while traveling or if you’ve recently moved homes, that your hair reacts differently. Water quality can differ from country to country never mind cities within the same state. It can affect the quality and color of your hair, and even affect your hair growth due to the contaminants left behind. My guest Nevin Eckert has been researching holistic health, water quality and emerging water technologies for 23 years. His mission is to invoke higher levels of water consciousness to people worldwide. Creating a “Fountain of Youth” in a residence or business, water systems for renowned chefs and food productions are his specialties.

In this episode you can learn about the negative effects contaminated water can have on your overall health, how to know if your water should be treated, what exactly can be found in your water, and how our water becomes contaminated regardless of all the regulations in place. Im obsessed about this conversation, I've witnessed many people suffer from hair loss, hair damage and skin issues (myself included) and I couldn't wait to bring this info to light for us all to better understand, and make informed decisions going forward. Here we go.

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