Hair Like Hers

Curly Hair Products and Ingredients with Gaby Longsworth of

March 14, 2022 Episode 20
Hair Like Hers
Curly Hair Products and Ingredients with Gaby Longsworth of
Show Notes

You are going to absolutely love todays episode featuring Dr. Gaby Longsworth the owner of  Absolutely Everything She is a mom, wife, Ph.D. Scientist, Certified Hair Practitioner, and a biotech/pharmaceutical patent attorney. Absolutely Everything Curly is the unbiased and science-backed go-to source, for people with all types of curly, and wavy hair. It is a subscription-based educational space created to help those with all types of curly/wavy hair to discover and embrace their hair in its natural form while saving time and money in the process. In this episode we get deep on what ingredients to look for, how to identify products for your hair type and if they’re even working. We even chat about Gaby’s favorite hair accessories and the journey to graying gracefully for those of you who would like to eventually do this or have already begun.

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